NASR Engineering Inc


In our past experience, we have seen that each financial institute has it’s own stringent specifications with different requirements because of their location, hours of operation, management and security reasons. Apart from general power, lighting & HVAC requirements, each bank has a specific power and lighting controls for different zones. The design will become more challenging if the Bank has a vault or a drive-through ATM with a large computer room. Design of emergency power on UPS grid requires a unique experience. NASR Engineering is proud to posses it.


We have designed banks with floor areas varying from 4,000 sq ft for a stand-alone single story building to a 21,000 sq ft multi-story corporate building. NASR Engineering has rendered MPE services to the following projects:

    • Wells Fargo Bank, El Cajon, CA
    • Prudential Corporate Bank, Irvine, CA
    • Citibank, El Cajon & Irvine, CA
    • Citibank, Las Vegas, NV